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Grandson “Harry”, Jan Hooymans & “Rudy”, Vandenabeele

SG Kröger -Schumacher.


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Grandson “Harry”, Jan Hooymans & “Rudy”, Vandenabeele

Father: NL13-1394850 “Son Harry x Alexia”, sister “Harry”, Jan Hooymans

“Harry”, Jan Hooymans
1. Nat. Ace pigeon Long Distance 2009
1. Blois  37.728 d.
1. Chateauroux 22.340 d.
3. Chateauroux 21.520 d.

Mother: BE12-3168913 “Daughter Rudy”, Gaby Vandenabeele

“Rudy”, Gaby Vandenabeele
Son “Bliksem”, Gaby Vandenbeele.
1. Poitiers 1.448 d.
1. Angouleme 2.450 d.
1. Limoges 2.309 d.
1. Poitiers 2.713 d.
1. Prov. Tours 3.366 d.
2. Chateauroux 4.663 d.