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From: ‘Scheele 47 X Cameron Diaz’

G. & S. Verkerk



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NL14-1059708. “Scheele 47 X Cameron Diaz”. G. & S. Verkerk. Blue.

Father: NL 13-1308147. “Scheele 47”. Gebr. Scheele. Light Chequer.

Inbred “Dylan” son of
2 Provincial pigeons from Gebr. Scheele both fly and breed!

Grandfather: NL 08-3856810. “10 of Dylan”. Gebr. Scheele. Chequer.

Achieved a.o.
3rd Ablis – 7889 p.
3rd Tours – 995 p.
10th Nat. Argenton – 23,597 p.
14th Arras – 3,250 p.

Grandmother: NL 07-3761979. “Anouk”. Gebr. Scheele. Blue.

Mother of a.o.
“Blois” achieved a.o.
1st NPO Blois – 5223 p.
3rd NPO Chateauroux.

“Cyndi” (10-344) achieved a.o.
4th NPO Orleans.
1st Overall Ace Pigeon.

Mother: NL 08-1537203. “Cameron Diaz”. G. & S. Verkerk. Blue.

Achieved a.o.
2009: Best Middle Distance pigeon in the loft.

Mother of “Marco Polo” achieved a.o.
15th Nat. Narbonne.
3rd Bourges – 1604 p.
6th Epernay – 3,042 p.
22nd Ablis A – 10,714 p.
33rd Chalons e – 4556 p.
196th Creil – 20,534 p.

Grandfather: NL 07-1817880. “Maverick”. G. & S. Verkerk. Blue.

“Maverick” was
The best Young bird in the loft in 2007!

Father of “Cameron Diaz” achieved a.o.
18th Mouscron – 4132 p.

Grandmother: NL 07-1817852. Bewitched. G. & S. Verkerk. Blue.

Achieved a.o.
5th Nat. Ace pigeon MD MA.
20th Nat. Ace Pigeon Yearlings.
20th Nat. Ace Pigeon Young.
1st Meer – 436 p.
2nd Pommeroeul – 747 p.
6th Pommeroeul – 2194 p.
25 Epernay K. – 9073 p.
23rd Creil – 7,560 p.