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From: ‘Captain Hook X Renate’

G. & S. Verkerk



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NL14-1059715. “Captain Hook X Renate”. G. & S. Verkerk. Light Chequer.

Father: NL 10-1682215. “Captain Hook”. G. & S. Verkerk. Light Chequer.

Father of
“Tinker Bell”.

Nest brother of “Olivia” achieved a.o.
1st NPO Tours & 8th Nat. hens.
5th Sens – 6,492 p.
27th Vierzon C. – 10,571 p.
20th Nivelles- 6366 p.
15th Duffel – 4,212 p.
71st Tours Sec. – 11,759 p.

Grandfather: NL 05-1394794. “Ronunbel”. G. & S. Verkerk. Light Chequer.

Direct son with race records from the best 2 pigeons ever!

Father of “Olivia” achieved a.o.
8th Chantilly – 6,762 p.
20th Harchies – 5,948 p.
261st Creil – 45,539 p.
43rd Peronne – 6,990 p.
3rd Chantilly – 390 p.

Grandmother: NL 02-1635264. “Bubbles”. Schaerlaeckens. Blue.

Mother of a.o.
“Nadala” achieved a.o.
3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance.

“Federer” achieved a.o.
7th Nat. Blois.

“Bulldozer” achieved a.o.
6th & 10th cock WHZB.

“Olivia” schieved a.o.
1st NPO Tours – 11,759 p.

Mother: NL 10-1682371. “Renate”. G. & S. Verkerk. Light Chequer.

Mother of a.o.
7th NPO Bourges.
1st Nivelles – 758 p.
35th Sens – 6,492 p.
135th Nanteuil – 17,186 p.
140th Peronne – 16,009 p.

Grandfather: NL 09-1186340. “Rembrandt”. G. & S. Verkerk. Chequer.

A direct son of the best pigeon in the world!
“Olympic Solange”.

Father of
“Anouk” & “Renate”.

Grandmother: NL 08-1537357. “Shine”. G. & S. Verkerk. Blue.

Achieved a.o.
17th Nat. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Mastar Award ’09.

Mother of “Andy Murray” achieved a.o.
2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance TW ’13.
42nd Epernay – 7,964 p.
57th Sezanne – 9968 p.
23rd St. Quentin – 3,524 p.
73rd Ablis – 7,514 p.