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From: ‘Winston X Fame’

G. & S. Verkerk



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NL16-1526004 V. “Winston X Fame”. G. & S. Verkerk. Light Chequer.

Father: NL 07-1817879. “Winston”. G. & S. Verkerk. Light Chequer.

Half brother of
“Sole Mio” & “Sita”.

Father & grandfather of several top racers & breeders for Scheele.

Grandfather: NL 01-1886536. “Olympic Sogno”. G. & S. Verkerk. Blue.

Achieved a.o.
2nd Olympiad MD ’03.
11th Cock WHZB ‘02 /
17th Nat. Ace Pigeon Allround.
17th Nat. Ace Pigeon Yearlings.

Father of a.o.
“Solo Mio” & “Sita” achieved a.o.
1st Chantilly – 5,117 p.
4th Pont St Maxence -4220 p.
4th Etampes – 2825 p.
14th Chateauroux – 3,749 p.
15th Bourges 2- 3,286 p.

Grandmother: NL 00-1976005. “Patty”. G. & S. Verkerk. Light Chequer.

Achieved a.o.
20th Nat. Ace Pigeon Allround.

Mother of a.o.
“Sita” achieved a.o.
Super hen 2007!

“Didi” achieved a.o.
10th Nat. Ace Pigeon Allround.
15th Chimay – 8222 p.
17th Chantilly – 7,743 p.
41st Ablis – 6333 p.
26th Pont St. Maxence -3560 p.

Mother: NL 10-1682250. “Fame”. G. & S. Verkerk. Blue.

Achieved a.o.
8th Nat. Narbonne ’12 – 1189 p.
27th Int. Wet. Narbonne ’12 – 5,098 p.
32nd Nat. Narbonne ’12 – 4,303 p.
86th Bourges – 13,592 p.

Grandfather: NL 07-1818004. “Contador”. G. & S. Verkerk. Blue.

Father of “Britt” achieved a.o.
1st Nat. Chateauroux.

“Fame” achieved a.o.
8th Nat. Narbonne hens – 1189 p.
9th Bourges – 8,548 p.
26th Argenton – 3,452 p.

Grandmother: DV 06720-08-1216. Lucky Beach Girl. P. & H.P. Brockamp. Chequer.

Mother of a.o.
“Fame” achieved a.o.
31st Nat. Narbonne.
8th Nat. hens.