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From the best “Dolle” line.

Machiel Buijk



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Uitgebreide duif omschrijving

Original Machiel Buijk.

From the best “Dolle” line.

Father is: NL10-1823382 “Capital Dolle”.

He comes out
“Donkere Dolle”, from “Kweker Dolle x Dolle Kuif”.
X “Beauty Dolle”, from “Kweker Dolle x De 500 Dolle”.

Mother is: NL11-1872888 “Purple Dolle”.

She comes out
“Son Favorite”, from “Favorite Dolle x Daughter Favorite”.
X “Daughter’s Favorite”, from “Favorite Dolle x Super Couple 1”.

1. Prov. St. Vincent 1.684 p.
3. Nat. St. Vincent 6.844 p.
1. Prov. Dax 1.032 p.
3. Nat. Dax 3.649 p.
9. Prov. Limoges 1.610 p.
12. Nat. St. Vincent 6.917 p.
20. Prov. Chateauroux 2.176 p.
22. Prov. Chateauroux 2.425 p.
39. Prov. Moulins 5.146 p.
59. Prov. Moulins 4.612 p.
66. Nat. Dax 3.561 p.